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A short story, or perhaps bonus scene would be a better description, that I wrote for those of you who loved Damien and Jasmine in A Wish Upon Jasmine and would like to see more of them and their first encounter....

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Heart’s Gift

This short story was originally written as a holiday gift for my readers. It's recommended that you read it after The Chocolate Heart and Shadowed Heart to get the most out of it.   A Luc & Summer Short Story by Laura Florand   “Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God—”...

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Dom and the aunts

  an original cut scene from THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH by Laura Florand   The eighth morning, she didn’t come. His heart congealed. Everything lost its flavor. He looked at his elegant, luscious displays and wanted to throw them all out for their worthless, desperate pretense that he was something other than...

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