Chocolate Giveaway Day 3 + Snow-Kissed Excerpt

Winner of today's chocolate cup is Robin W! And more chances to win, just like, share, comment. (And of course, we still have that grand prize of chocolate at the end!) Today I am featuring MYSELF. Yes, indeed, oddly narcissistic of me, but I'm using alphabetical...

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You Had Me at Christmas is Here!

  It's here! And for a limited time only 0.99! Amazon / Nook / Kobo / iBooks An extraordinary collection by five talented authors of contemporary romance. – The Romance Dish Beautifully enlightening, romantic and heartfelt! This captivating anthology packs an emotional punch and reminds us...

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You Had Me at Christmas: New Anthology

My "October surprise"! (Dare I use that expression? :) Are you all groaning now?) Every year I try my best to do something fun that's a bit "extra" and not in my usual schedule for readers around the holidays and this year I am teaming up...

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Real World Math

As a middle child out of 7, my daughter's math word problems always manage to strike me as hilarious. You have 4 chocolate bars that you have to share with your two sisters. What equation shows how this would work out?  You have 7 donuts...

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Books with Teeth in the Middle

:) My daughter came up behind my computer screen while I was toying around with an opening scene on a book I'm not really writing yet. (A character you all ask about sometimes but I'm deep in others.) She read the first two lines: "Burned out and...

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door casole delsa

A Door into Nowhere

A door into nowhere in Italy. (It actually has a steep stair on the other side of it that leads down into a courtyard garden a floor below, but when you walk by it casually, it really does look like it's opening into air on the...

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