What are you reading?

What have you all been reading? Our Friday Book Club has gotten off track with all the traveling this summer. I read Ashley's War in Maine, and thought the stories of those women were so impressive and moving. Although I think if they are being sent...

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Inside Out

  Who is going to see INSIDE OUT? We *loved* this movie, just wonderful. The kids loved it, but I think it had even greater depth for parents, with its themes of happy childhood and growing up and dealing with changing emotions. Joy is the main...

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Little hint of next Vie en Roses book

I shared this early glimpse of Book 2 in the Vie en Roses series with my Facebook followers, so didn't want to leave you all out! We've been working on the cover copy for the next book. It's still being tweaked a little, but this gives...

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Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much for all this feedback on author/reader discovery! This is hugely interesting to me, actually. One of the things that strikes me in the responses is how varied discovery is. And another thing that struck me is that, even though you would think...

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How did you discover these books?

I was observing a conversation about author discoverability the other day, and now I am curious. How did you first discover my books? (Friend recommendation, free book promotion, blog review, happened to spot it on a library or bookstore shelf...

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Friday Book Club! What are you reading?

Friday Book Club! What are you all reading this week and weekend? Anything you recommend? Anything you're looking forward to? I've been re-reading myself (Once Upon a Rose), which doubtless sounds rather self-absorbed, but it's because I'm about two-thirds of the way through the draft of...

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Reader ARCs of ALL FOR YOU

Reader advanced copies of ALL FOR YOU are almost ready! As many of you know, I think reader reviews are extremely important. They really help get a discussion going among readers, and that is just vital to the life of a book. So in honor of that,...

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Chocolate for Christmas

Just a little visual present for Christmas and a glimpse of what I've been working on.  The next two books will be published by Kensington Publishing, and set in the domain of Parisian chocolate.  The research has been a lot of delicious fun, and since...

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French cuisine: Humanity’s Patrimony

I'm trying to get organized to start sharing once or twice a month some updates on the next book and the delicious research involved, but in the meantime, I just had to share this: the French meal named by UNESCO as a patrimony of humanity. ...

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