Book Club Brainstorming: THE CHOCOLATE THIEF

Book Club Brainstorming: THE CHOCOLATE THIEF

Over on Facebook, we are brainstorming questions for a book club that is doing THE CHOCOLATE THIEF in a couple of weeks. Anyone here want to join in?

I say: leather pants should be de rigueur. 🙂

Also, you could totally do something fun with all the scents Cade explores in Sylvain’s shop. (Like, bottles of spices and lemon oil, etc., covered so people can’t see the labels, and see who can identify them or what memories they associate with different scents.) Then there’s the ever popular debate of who should play Sylvain in a film. (No one ever really cares nearly as much about who should play Cade! I’m thinking the photos on Google aren’t nearly as fun to look through. 🙂 )

What kinds of questions would you want to discuss in a book club on THE CHOCOLATE THIEF?

  • Mzcue

    I’m always interested in the cultural collision that’s an important aspect of the Amor et Chocolat series. I found myself wondering if, or how, the Chocolate Thief might have been different if the story had been set in NYC, or Montreal, or anywhere else for that matter. Would the relationship of the lovers have been different, and if so, how?

    October 13, 2013 at 10:38 pm

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