Book Club Brainstorming for Chocolate Touch?

Book Club Brainstorming for Chocolate Touch?

Ooh, want to do a book club brainstorming? We haven’t done one in a while. The Amazing Book Club Queen Shannon is doing THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH with her Mom Mafia group next month, and another club also emailed about the same book that they’re doing I think on (near?) Mother’s Day. Any ideas? For themes, discussion questions, etc? This is Dom and Jaime’s book.

Obviously, I think chocolate should be a theme. But I am so one-track minded.

(By the way, if you’re interested in book clubs, you can see some photos from some amazing book clubs here, as well as ideas for several books in the series that readers and book clubs have brainstormed and shared in the past. I need to update the photos with some recent ones, and we do have questions for SNOW-KISSED, too, that were developed for/with a book club and I just need to get up. So let me know if you need those in the meantime.)

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