Bonne fête!

Bonne fête!

It is Sébastien’s fête, the day of his patron saint, which is still kept track of in France. It is also Fabien’s fête. And it is Sébastien’s father Patrick’s birthday. Those of you who’ve read Blame It on Paris may remember the mentions of Sébastien’s rugby-playing father, big and gruff and surrounded by his equally big brothers. He is also a lover of Alsace, where he lives now, and a dedicated “amateur” photographer. He spends hours patiently capturing drops of water as they fall. He has a whole series he named “Eux et moi” in which he lures butterflies to land on his big hand with flowers and then takes pictures of the butterfly and his hand, holding the camera with the other. This is one of his recent pictures, which I particularly like, so I am posting it in honor of his birthday. He took it at their bird feeder in Alsace.

Bird Landing

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  • Bonne fete a Sébastien — et son pere!

    Wonderful photograph. Exquisite!

    Laura, one of these days I will be featuring a link to your site and a little review of your book, which I just finished last night, along with a mention of the Cara Black Aimee LeDuc mystery series.

    Can you write another one before May 16 so i can read it on the plane?


    P.S. I teach college, too, one day a week. I have great respect for anyone who does it full time.

    January 20, 2007 at 5:38 pm