Laura Florand

Real World Math

As a middle child out of 7, my daughter's math word problems always manage to strike me as hilarious. You have 4 chocolate bars that you have to share with your two sisters. What equation shows how this would work out?  You have 7 donuts...

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Tiny First Glimpse of Vie en Roses 3

On Facebook, we are debating titles for the next Rosier book (Vie en Roses 3), and I promised a first glimpse of the book in question as a reward. So I wanted to share it here, too! It is very tiny, I warned you, just the...

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Books with Teeth in the Middle

:) My daughter came up behind my computer screen while I was toying around with an opening scene on a book I'm not really writing yet. (A character you all ask about sometimes but I'm deep in others.) She read the first two lines: "Burned out and...

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door casole delsa

A Door into Nowhere

A door into nowhere in Italy. (It actually has a steep stair on the other side of it that leads down into a courtyard garden a floor below, but when you walk by it casually, it really does look like it's opening into air on the...

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Vivent les mariés!

I love this photo. A huge congratulations to my uncles-by-marriage, who were "pacsed" 16 years ago (3 weeks after Sébastien and I started dating!) when that was the only legal option in France and whose wedding we celebrated in Champagne earlier this month. Something to think...

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Glimpses of Provence

A tiny cemetery in a remote, minuscule village in Provence. Places like this always make me stop and think a long time. The air is so clean and dry and quiet except for wind in leaves, the sound of your own footsteps, maybe some bees...

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Friday Book Club and Chocolate Time winner

Winner has been drawn for the Chocolate Time giveaway! Mary E (message has been sent). I wish I could give fancy chocolates and books to all of you! I had a great time with this giveaway and am already cogitating on the chocolatier for May. (If...

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