ARCs are here! CHOCOLATE HEART and ROSE IN WINTER (No Place Like Home)

ARCs are here! CHOCOLATE HEART and ROSE IN WINTER (No Place Like Home)

Interesting in reviewing these books?  ARCs are here! For THE CHOCOLATE HEART and NO PLACE LIKE HOME (the Christmas anthology with my ROSE IN WINTER in it, an entry into the Vie en Roses series). I’ve got some of these set aside for long-time reviewers, but I also wanted to offer some to new readers/reviewers, too.

So what are ARCs? They are “advanced reading copies” of a book, and say so on the book. They are early editions and probably contain typos that will not be in the final version in stores. (For example, when I was proofing HEART, every single foreign phrase had gotten squooshed into one word by their type-setting process & I had to go back and fix those. So that squooshed foreign phrase will show up squooshed in the arc. Squooshed is a technical term.) They are for reviewers, but my problem is, I never managed to distribute all mine correctly (most official reviewers have other ways of getting advanced copies, there’s a whole system set up). So around about CHOCOLATE ROSE & CHOCOLATE TOUCH I decided I wanted to just focus on regular readers.

Because all those reviews on Amazon and BN and Goodreads are super important, in fact, and you can do that, too.

So if you are someone who would enjoy reviewing a book on Amazon or would love to get an advanced look at these books and try it, let me know! I’m going to give away FIVE copies of THE CHOCOLATE HEART and THREE copies of NO PLACE LIKE HOME to interested “reader reviewers”. You can comment here or send me an email privately at laura AT lauraflorand DOT com, as you prefer, to be entered into the drawing. Let me know if you’re interested in both or only one of the two, too.

For bloggers–feel free to contact me as well. Usually I can get you authorized through Netgalley or we’ll figure out something! 🙂

I hope you enjoy these books! They’re coming to stores Nov 26 and Dec 3. (Back to back!)

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  • Gia R

    I’m interested in both of your ARCs. I’d be honored to review them. You are by far a favorite author– I wax poetic about you to my friends and have gotten them hooked on you as well. I adore all your books– your description of your honeymoon and your in-laws’ visit to the states is my go-to when I want to laugh. Seriously hysterical. Oh, pick me!–to review your ARCs (or be your best friend– whatever–I’m not picky). I’m just so amazed at how much talent God can wrap into one person.

    September 16, 2013 at 8:42 pm

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