An A for SNOW-KISSED & Double Recommended Read from Dear Author

An A for SNOW-KISSED & Double Recommended Read from Dear Author

I’m extremely honored to have SNOW-KISSED awarded a rare and coveted A from Dear Author and be given a double Recommended Read.

Willa, who gave it the A, says this:

“Even amidst the angst there are playful and funny moments and tender sharing and — after all miss, this is Florand — wonderful food.

And most of all, there’s romance at its strongest and most powerful, as Kai discovers how intensely Kurt loves her and how real that love is. Snow-Kissed is obviously about grief and loss and their effects on the spirit, and it’s a beautifully done, insightful portrayal. But at its deepest heart it’s about love, the true, devoted, thick and thin kind of love — not uncritical, slavish adoration, which passes for it in a lot of romance, but love that is honest and clear-sighted, sometimes angry, yet unconditional.”

Snow-Kissed-DA recommend

Several other lovely reviews came in yesterday and the day before, and I want to say a huge thank you to those reviewers who have put so much time and thought into articulating their reaction to this story, which I know is not always an easy one. (It’s not for me either!)

Sarah from YA Librarian Tales says:

“There are a thousand reasons I anticipate reading a Laura Florand story but perhaps the biggest reason is that she is a phenomenal storyteller. Her characters are people I like and can sympathize with. Their world shares the emotions of my world. While Snow-Kissed does not have the romantic Parisian influences of Florand’s Chocolate series, this is not a lack on any part. Instead, I became swept away in a world of snow, of hard memories and of possible new beginnings. I have always found winter and snow very romantic and there is no doubt that Laura Florand knows how to play on that image. Basically folks, I loved this story. It is not a comical, funny romance so do not read it yet if that is what you are in the mood for. Read it when you are looking for a love story that makes you ache for the two characters. You will be well rewarded by the time they find each other again.”

Dabney at The Passionate Reader calls SNOW-KISSED “beautifully and sensitively written”.

And Laurie’s Laudanum decided to do a generous GIVEAWAY of 5 e-copies of the book on her blog. Go comment to enter! She says this: “SNOW-KISSED is a novella, but its emotional impact is staggering, almost a tangible thing…This is storytelling at its most basic form, borrowing from raw, human emotion to weave a satisfyingly hopeful story.”

Aaand Ruthie Knox just recommended it on her blog.

There have been a rush of things to deal with this week and it is hard to keep up, but I just want everyone to know I am very, very grateful for the praise this book has received and appreciate it so much. It’s a difficult one for me to talk about, but I am honored by the reaction it has received.

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