Adventures in Cake Baking (plus giveaway)

Adventures in Cake Baking (plus giveaway)

Giveaway happening! (Link below.)
So you know that big professional writer’s conference last week? RWA? ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, you know what I did during it, right?

I slipped away to make cake. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is all Jeannie Lin’sโ€‹ fault! She saw a workshop offering from Momofuku in Brooklyn and she emailed me as the “only person crazy enough to run off from the conference to do this with her”. (Hey. How am I supposed to take that? She barely even knows how crazy I am! Err…wait. That did not come out right.)

Anyway, no worries, because *I* of course could immediately think of another person that crazy or, in my own perspective, interested in the finer things in life, and I asked Elisabeth at Cooking Up Romanceโ€‹ if she would like to come, too. And she did!

So went into Brooklyn, made our cakes, and then, of course, bethought ourselves of the fact that we all now had cakes we couldn’t take on the plane the next day. So there we were, in the lounge of the hotel, trying to give away cake slices. (This was surprisingly hard to do. I am concerned about people, I really am.)

Here I am with my cake, photo courtesy of Ana C. of the Immersed in Booksโ€‹ blog.


And for more details of our adventures, you can go see the Cooking Up Romance blog, where Elisabeth has posted more info and is also hosting a giveaway of either THE CHOCOLATE THIEF or A WISH UPON JASMINE, your choice.

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