A Wish Upon Jasmine is live!

A Wish Upon Jasmine is live!

Damien is here! Ruthless. Wealthy. Merciless. And head over heels.

Just for a second, standing a few centimeters from his chest, Jess looked up at him, so vulnerable that Damien wanted to soften. (It’s all right. Remember? Remember me?)

She went up onto her tiptoes and rested her hands on his chest to balance as she took a breath of the hollow of his throat.

And after that he didn’t have a soft cell left in his body.

Everything about him went hard and hungry and determined to get what he wanted.

A WISH UPON JASMINE, book 2 in La Vie en Roses series!


Amazon: http://lauraflorand.com/wishuponjasmine_amazon/
iBooks: http://lauraflorand.com/wishuponjasmine_apple/
Barnes & Noble: http://lauraflorand.com/wishuponjasmine_bn/
Kobo: http://lauraflorand.com/wishuponjasmine_kobo/
Google: http://lauraflorand.com/wishuponjasmine_google/


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