A Window on Provence

A Window on Provence

I thought you guys might have fun seeing occasional glimpses of the real places in the South of France that helped form the world in THE CHOCOLATE ROSE.  In the Roses series, only Grasse and Nice are cities that you can find on a map, and therefore which are geographically faithful to the towns themselves (in the sense that if a fountain is mentioned, you could probably find it on a visit to the town, but if a character’s store or business is mentioned, that, of course, would be made up and just inserted into the town setting). The other towns (for example, in THE CHOCOLATE ROSE, Sainte-Mère, Saint-Amour) are invented but with very real elements pulled from very real beautiful villages in that area, because that is just the way I work.

Today’s glimpse is just a window, because to me you look at that and immediately want to be in the world where that window exists, don’t you? I do!

A Window in Mougins

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