A Glimpse of Fauchon

A Glimpse of Fauchon

Some of you might be noticing that it has been, pretty much, All About Me, for a while here on my blog. All last week it was All About Me, in fact, and not only that, but it was All About Me on Dee & Dee Dish, too. [And you may be a winner! If you entered any of the contests, check back on their site to see if you won.]

So, yes, it IS getting that time again, time to prove that I am not self-absorbed and that it’s NOT All About Me. So TOMORROW or perhaps Friday, depending on how tomorrow morning goes, I am going to have a superhero on. Yes, I am. And I am not making this up. Why do people always think that about me?

But before I have our superhero guest, I have to indulge in All About Me again, because this is just so lovely.

Some of you may remember that Carol Gillot of Paris Breakfasts popped on a few days ago while she was reading Blame It on Paris to comment, and I said then, in the comments, that she does these absolutely gorgeous watercolors, with gorgeous photos, and that I lurk on her blog frequently and stare with particular longing at the watercolors and photos of chocolates, chocolate tins, cups of hot chocolate, etc.

Since you never know if people read the comments, I am going to go ahead and just quote myself from that comment. (Note, this is not plagiarism. I am correctly citing my work.)

“This past week, in honor of Valentine’s, she [Carol of Paris Breakfasts] did this whole series using all these boxes of chocolate from famous Parisian chocolatiers. It was mouth-wateringly beautiful. And then at the end of the week…wait for it…she GAVE all the boxes away STILL FULL OF CHOCOLATE to people like her concierge. It was like reading one of those gorgeously written literary novels, you know the kind, where you spend the whole book wrapped up in the prose and characters and then the best-loved character gets killed off the second-to-the-last page.

The linguists out there will notice that that’s not even correct use of the English language. You can’t use chocolate as the object of the preposition ‘away’, as in ‘give away.’ Unless maybe you make a complete sentence like ‘give away chocolate to Laura Florand.’ “

Well, possibly Carol felt guilty for that violation of the English language, because yesterday, she posted the most visually gorgeous review of Blame It on Paris you ever saw. And she did a watercolor of a Fauchon tin. The very same type of Fauchon tin that Adela ate all the chocolates from. Talk about re-opening old wounds.

AND she kindly indicated a MAP to Le Relais du Vin, so that if you want to go there and hit on cute waiters (Éric, for example; Sébastien is NO LONGER ELIGIBLE for being hit on) or enjoy a hot, delicious bistro meal while looking at SEX SHOP flashing in red neon across the way, well, now you can.

If you go by Paris Breakfasts, I strongly encourage the chocolate-lovers to browse back through her Valentine’s Week posts. (Unless you’re giving up chocolate for Lent. Then don’t. Just don’t do that to yourself.) But just don’t get too attached to that chocolate, because, like I said, it comes to a tragic end.

  • Oh my Laura!
    That’s awfully nice of you 🙂
    I do have to correct one little thing though.
    I’m not all that generous.
    I kept the candy boxes and brought them home to paint.
    True I did give away their contents.
    And true there are moments when I wish I hadn’t.
    I’d love to shake one of those boxes and find a stray French chocolate lurking within.
    So far zero 🙁
    The lesson is give away your chocolates in haste and repent at leisure…
    Laura, now that I’m reading your book, I find myself Blaming Paris for all sorts of things. You opened a can of…escargot!

    February 21, 2007 at 9:12 pm
  • Carol, it feels weird to post a message to you on Laura’s blog, but I wanted to echo her words: You did a delicious review and I am jealous I didn’t think of posting a map, etc.

    A good book deserves a lovely review.

    P.S. I want chocolate, too.

    February 21, 2007 at 10:30 pm
  • I admit I fixated on the contents and their fate. 🙂 I got very hostile to that little bird and wanted to shoo him away and protect the goodies. But you’ll be able to replenish, soon! That will be fun–can’t wait to see what you paint and photograph from your next trip.

    You both did such lovely reviews, I really appreciated it. Mimi, I think I found Paris Breakfasts browsing around through your links, actually. I knew if you had linked to it, it was probably a great site. 🙂

    It’s amazing to me, in fact, what wonderful work has been occurring in the blog world while I have been completely oblivious to blogging entirely until recently. So many people have made their blogs amazing works of art. It seems as if I discover a new one every couple of days now, just from people stopping in here, or writing about BIoP, or some similar connection. Something for me to THANK (and not blame) Blame It on Paris for, I think.

    February 22, 2007 at 7:48 am
  • I agree, Laura — the talent out there humbles me. I kind of thought you might have found Carol through FKIA. I do know the cool places to go (that’s why I am back here!).

    Another great place to find links is The French Journal (link on my site). Through that site, I have found blogs and sites that are helping me find places to eat in Paris. We are looking for good food at modest prices, of course.

    I will make a pilgrimage to the care where Laura Met Sebeastien, if I can.

    February 22, 2007 at 9:43 am
  • We should just all plan a trip at the same time. Although, then Paris would have some blame for Laura, right?
    I’m telling all three of you that I love your sites. Even if I don’t comment often, I’m there on a regular basis, just basking in all of your goodness. Lovin it!

    February 22, 2007 at 11:53 am
  • Oh yes, she always tempt me…and I go back daily for the same punishment….

    February 22, 2007 at 1:23 pm

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