A Gala of Chandeleurs!

A Gala of Chandeleurs!

I believe our first annual Chandeleur campaign went very well. THREE people, in particular, went the Full Monty. They made crêpes AND they showed their efforts to us and the world. Worth seeing! Click on each name to go see their photos and story.

Amy, unfortunately, has now sworn off crêpes forever. But we are going to blame that on The Joy of Cooking. We, by which I actually mean the royal we because Amy refused to pass blame, have decided that it cannot possibly be OUR recipe’s fault. Despite certain recipe confusion at a certain moment.

Alala carried the tradition into Germany and gloated just a little too much about Belmandel, if you ask me. I have never had Belmandel, and I do not like it when people say something is delicious and I have never had it. I feel hostile pangs of hunger. However, it does sound better than Nutella. So does that chocolate cinnamon sugar.

Dee spread the tradition into Virginia, and seems to have even mastered the flip! (Check out the pictures of flipping crêpes.)

Thank you all for joining in! I promise I have not gone off the deep end but it made me very happy to see all those pictures and read your stories. And also to hear the memories of people who didn’t have time to make crêpes this weekend but still joined in verbally. I hope you’ll be inspired to try it yourself one of these cold winter days!

Now, as promised, I entered all the Chandeleur participants in a random drawing for truffles, and…the winner is…


Okay, this is kind of a problem. Dee, I realize YOU don’t think it’s a problem, but with the whole FAb pick thing I just know people are going to spread vicious rumors now. They are going to role their eyes and say, “Well, I could be the FAb pick, too, if I shamelessly bribed people with chocolate! Of all the nerve!”

And THEN probably authors will flood your mailbox with book copies entirely packed in chocolate, and you will just be OVERWHELMED and harassed to death by chocolate bribes, and your whole sense of integrity will be threatened, and your children will be WATCHing you, wondering if their mom can really be bought with chocolate, and…well, just think of the trial of it all.

But, I, TOO, have integrity, and even if it means I am dooming Dee to a lifetime of fighting to resist chocolate bribes, I have to tell the truth: she was the name drawn. Sébastien did it, with his eyes closed. Did anyone notice that Dee is also the ONLY person to have ever drawn a personal comment from Sébastien on this blog? Should I Suspect Something?

Anyway, congratulations, Dee! Worries about chocolate bribery not withstanding, you DO deserve it.

Alala and Amy, you deserve it, too, of course, and if I could, I would have Truffles All Around again. But I can’t, because I am having some Truffle Problems.

Dee’s heart is clenching right this second, I know it is.

I have made truffles. I spent Sunday afternoon making truffles. And they are GOOD truffles. I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but–they are just too good for you.

Or specifically, too good for the trip to you. Because the insides are too soft. They cannot even hold up properly on a trip from the refrigerator to someone’s mouth. They start melting that fast. I tried a different recipe from my sister’s, just for fun, and I’m not saying it didn’t work, I am enjoying the attempt to get the truffles to survive intact on the way to my mouth very much, thank you. I’m just saying–it didn’t work for truffles that need to be mailed.

So…you are still going to get truffles. But I must make another batch, and I think that won’t be possible until the weekend. So…a slight delay.

However, it is my hope that this upcoming truffle batch will turn out just GREAT for mailing, and, in fact, the one thing that consoles me for not being able to promise Truffles All Around this time is that there may very well be ANOTHER chance for truffles, over on Dee and Dee Dish, as part of the FAb week.

I cannot GUARANTEE, because if I do, and this next batch doesn’t turn out right, then I will be in trouble. But I THINK and hope to include as part of the FAb week another prize of truffles.

So! All is not lost! (All is never lost, really. Not to wax moralizing or anything. Even, sometimes, if you leave a box of chocolates with me, and when you come back, all the chocolates are gone, all is not LOST. Not to everybody concerned, anyway.)

THANK YOU!!! Thank you again everyone for joining in. It was a great thing to do, and I hope you had as much fun doing it as I did reading your stories and seeing your pictures. To me, it was just…perfect. A perfect thing for you to do. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  • Well. Congratulations Dee!

    No offense taken re the truffles on this end, because shipping truffles to Germany sounds like a risky enterprise at best – even if they did survive the trip, the customs guys would probably eat them. And then when I went down to ask what happened to my truffles, they would say “Wuht wuffles?” and then swallow hugely and say “What truffles?” and try to look innocently unaware of the chocolate smudges on their faces.

    It just wouldn’t be worth the heartbreak.

    Besides, the crêpe-making itself was fun enough that I don’t need a prize (Amy might not feel the same about this…) and we probably will not wait until next year to do it again. We will wait until we have a better pan, though.

    February 6, 2007 at 6:08 am
  • No truffles needed here, either! We’re cheerful in our failure! Although I just found out my husband is traveling again next week. Over Valentine’s Day, too. I suspect chocolate may be in order, but he’ll be providing it. He’s really good about that.

    February 6, 2007 at 8:11 am
  • Laura,
    First, THANK YOU! I only wish there were enough truffles to go around, because I really think Amy and Alala should get some as well. But hey, I’m not the one making the truffles, so I’ll share them (virtually) with my fellow crepes-makers!

    Second, you bring up a good point about people spreading vicious rumors. I mean, what if people, fellow author types and all, actually see what’s happened here? What if they say “Maybe I should get on Joss’s blog and talk about truffles, and start a whole thing with the chick from the book review site, and send her a chocolate covered book that will guarantee her adoration, get her to pick ME as FABulous, then send her more truffles to ensure that she has my eternal devotion!” What would my kids think if I was suddenly deluged with chocolate covered books, and little boxes of sweet smelling goodies? (Well, besides the obvious, “Cooooooool Mom, this totally ROCKS!!) Could my integrity remain intact? Could my waistline? To this, the only answer is “WHO CARES! I get more truffles!!”

    Thanks, Laura, I’m excited. And I can wait until your next batch is mail-worthy (wink wink). I won’t even think about that whole batch that has to be properly disposed of, since you can’t send them. But I’m guessing the trip from their tray to wherever it is they are going (your mouth?) is very entertaining, at least to someone!

    And you would not believe how totally excited I was to see that Sebastien actually commented, TO ME! I think I did an “Omigawd, is that really HIM? The sexy French husband? Talking to ME?” I called in the oldest daughter to show her, and I think I may even have blushed. No, I am not kidding. (And tell him that the $20 for picking my name is in the mail, ok?)

    Geez, people, THAT WAS A JOKE!!

    February 6, 2007 at 10:10 am
  • Alala, you are RIGHT about the customs guys. I did not think of that before, but there is no way chocolate could get past customs. They would probably pretend they had to search them for drugs.

    Amy, I know! Your husband should give you LA Burdick’s chocolate. 🙂 That’s the place I told you about in Boston. And if you are taking care of the kids on your own for two weeks running, you deserve really good chocolate.

    Dee, I am disappointed about your, “Who cares?” when it comes to setting a moral example for your children in the face of chocolate bribery. I thought you had higher standards. I thought you had standards like MINE. My standards for my daughter and chocolate are so high that she does not even get to EAT chocolate until she is 21. And has moved out. Very very far from all my own chocolate stashes.

    February 6, 2007 at 2:26 pm

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