A Few Glimpses of the Signing with Nora Roberts

A Few Glimpses of the Signing with Nora Roberts

It was so much fun to see Boonsboro in person this weekend.  Stepping into a place from a book, signing with an author I’ve read since I was a teenager myself…all very magical!  It was even a day layered with mist, like it could disappear any second into a story.

Boonsboro itself has a beautiful tiny historic downtown, and right in the center of it is Turn the Page Bookstore itself:

turn the page bookstore

It sits directly across the street from a delicious-looking bakery and, of course, the famous Inn Boonsboro, everyone fan’s favorite place to stay:

inn boonsboro

It made me very happy to have my books sitting out on their table in this special place, among the books by such a special group of authors:

turn the page books

And see how the gift shop, Gifts Inn Boonsboro, so kindly offered a discount on Zoe’s Chocolates for those buying the Chocolate books.  Zoe’s Chocolates is a local chocolatier to the area (based in Waynseboro PA, I believe), and they are the Chocolate of the Oscars!  Yes, last night, the stars were nibbling those very same chocolates as we were eating.

But then, I had the pleasure of being with a fabulous group of literary stars.  Look at this line-up:

nora roberts all authors

The outgoing and hilarious Robin Kaye, the elegant and gracious Mary Burton, La Grande Nora herself, and the lovely and friendly Alyson Richman.

And that would be myself tucked up there in blue.  I would like to say, in my defense, that all the other women were wearing three-inch heels.

The problem is, that, FINE, I was, too.

Nora’s heels were studded all over with little gold studs which made me think of those jewel-studded heels ladies wear in books set in the eighteenth-century.  I was deeply jealous.

The signing was amazing!  How beautiful to see the devotion to Nora and her books, the impact she has had on people’s lives.  And fun to meet some new readers myself, and to meet the other lovely authors.  I came home with a whole stack of new books to read!

And I have to say a big thank you to all the people who helped make it flow so smoothly:  Janeen and all the staff at Turn the Page, Laura Reeth (Nora’s publicist, who was everywhere doing everything and a dab hand with about 5000 different kinds of cameras), and Nora Roberts’ husband and son.  If you saw the crowds, you would know why it took so many people, and how much work they did to keep it flowing so smoothly.  A big thank you to all!


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