The Chocolate Touch only $2.99!

The Chocolate Touch only $2.99!

The Chocolate Touch ebook is on sale for $2.99 this week! Dom and Jaime’s story! (I’m very excited about this, because the regular price is $11.99, and I love this couple so much. I’m so glad that the price drop might make them more accessible to those of you new to these books. Please share the news with your friends!)


“Bibliocrack of the highest order.” — Angieville

“Gorgeously written, in that way that sort of creeps through my entire body and makes me shiver with delight.” — Dear Author

“Scrumptious, beautiful, and magnificent.” — Romance Junkies


If you’re new to these books, I think Dom and Jaime make a perfect starting point, and if you’ve come to these books via, for example, ALL FOR YOU, this is a chance to meet a vital couple to this Paris chocolatier world.

A couple of little tastes of their story.


Tiny, tiny excerpt:
“Warm,” she said again. And then she did something that undid him to the last faint whisper of his soul: she gave his hand a squeeze with fingertips that could just barely reach around his, apparently using him to indicate what she wanted to say. He meant warmth. He meant this word she couldn’t find.


$2.99 for this week!

Read a sample chapter here.


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