Chocolate Giveaway! From Sucré in New Orleans

Chocolate Giveaway! From Sucré in New Orleans

This giveaway is closed. The winner is Rachel C (an entry on FB). Congratulations and I hope it tastes delicious!

Flash Giveaway! Remember when I was in New Orleans and flaunting photos from Sucré? You thought I had forgotten you, didn’t you? Ha! I was just waiting until you were wishing you had some good chocolates, having had to spend the weekend reading about them. 🙂

sucre chocolates

Unfortunately, I can only ship this in the US–the chocolate wouldn’t survive the international shipping in good condition. (I’m not set up to do the kind of packaging it would need and the overnight international shipping.)

And remember these are hand-made luxury chocolates that I picked up to share while traveling. I can in no way guarantee that they are free of allergens (in fact, they most definitely contain nuts and dairy), or in any other way make you any guarantees whatsoever except that I will put them in a padded envelope with the address you send me and hope they get there in good condition. (But if they sit on your porch for hours, they will probably melt.) Please only enter if you can do so in a spirit of fun, because this would make you happy. Otherwise it would make me *very* happy to eat them myself, so I want to make sure it would make whoever gets them *at least as happy* or we’re operating on some kind of happiness entropy principle and that’s no good.

Giveaway closes at noon Tuesday. (FB entries accepted, too, for those who prefer.)

Here’s a quote from the book because I couldn’t resist this one for this giveaway. Just imagine me saying this to you in some kind of Uncle Sam big finger pointed pose. 🙂


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  • Janet

    I would love to win this box of chocolate! I devoured All for You in one night. It was wonderful to read Celie’s story. Thanks for the great books and the chance to win.

    April 27, 2015 at 9:01 pm

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