Teaser Tuesday! Shadowed Heart

Teaser Tuesday! Shadowed Heart

Does anybody want a little SHADOWED HEART teaser today? Teaser Tuesday, right? Sylvain is trying to give Luc marital advice. 🙂


“You mean, if I try to get everything right, that will screw things up, too?”

“Exactly.” Sylvain gave him a wry, sympathetic look. “Sorry, Luc.”

“Then how the hell do I get everything right?” Luc asked between his teeth.

“You don’t. You have to learn to live with screwing up.”

Luc just stared at him.

“I think you have to learn to relax,” Sylvain said, with unusual caution, as if he realized he was telling Luc to grow three heads. After a second, with a wry smile, he offered Luc his glass of pastis.

“No, thank you,” Luc said sternly, pushing the alcohol away. If he had to learn how to relax, he sure as hell needed to keep his control.

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